A Prayer for All Affected by Wildfires

Most Holy Creator, we come to you in prayer for your earth, our communities and all your people affected by the many out-of-control forest fires ravaging the central interior of our province and beyond.  Where entire communities and homes have been lost, for all those who have had to evacuate, those on evacuation alerts, and those who are anxious and afraid as the fires draw near, we ask that you enfold them in your arms of compassion, help them get to safety where others can care for them.  We especially pray for the firefighters who work endlessly  both in the air and on the ground in extreme heat to bring the many fires under control.  May you keep them safe, that they may all return home to rejoin  their families.  We also pray for all your creatures who have been trapped by flames with no where to run to.  May you watch over them and help them to be rescued so they may survive. The Bible tells us  that out of flames and ashes can come new life, new communities and new ways of being, so we may do a better job of caring for our precious home, the earth.  AMEN from Kootenay Contact August 18, 2021